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The Bonhoeffer Show

The Bonhoeffer Show is a no holds barred interaction around religion, culture and politics.

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The Bonhoeffer Show's purpose is to call every listener to follow Jesus and learn from him how to live their lives. Bill confronts the listener not with a sanitized Christianity separated from the reality of everyday life. He wades into the dangerous waters of religion, culture, and politics. He challenges the dead hand of religion, the destructive elements of cultural institutions such as the University, Public Schools, Entertainment, the media, and the Arts. He even gets in over his head by exposing the feckless nature of politics that pathetically follow the culture in order to stay in power. Yes, Bill has a 116 year old co-host, Herr Bonhoeffer. Bill is looking for him and hopes that someday soon Dietrich will join him in studio. If you are interested in a bit of outrageous fun, irreverent behavior, a few disgusting slips of the tongue, who Bill thinks should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and what he thinks of Benny Hinn's wardrobe, then you must subscribe.


"The Bonhoeffer Project brings the clarity that the church needs."

—John Blue, founder of Mission O.C.


Reclaim the Discipleship-first Gospel 

With all the false "gospels" circulating in the world today, we're equipping leaders to put the gospel of discipleship first.


Craft a Personal Disciple-Making Plan

Everyone needs a plan in order to make disciples. Through our process, you will walk away with an actionable plan.


Change the World, One Person at a Time

The Kingdom of God is a world-wide movement, and by investing into one person at a time, you can change the world.


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The Plan

Making disciples requires intentionality. William Law in his book, A Serious Call to a Holy and Devout Life, made this point: the reason people don’t change behavior is that they never really intend to do so. The intention to make disciples requires a plan, if you have no plan, you don’t really intend to do it. The Bonhoeffer Project helps each participant craft a plan that is biblically sound and a good fit for their ministry context. Each of the ten gatherings will focus on a specific subject that then is followed by a monthly project.


a word from the cofounders

Bill Hull and Brandon Cook

THE GOAL of the Bonhoeffer Project is to encourage each participant to become a disciple making leader. Once that decision has been made, then to provide the participant with the knowledge necessary to carry out a plan for making disciples who also will make disciples. The Bonhoeffer Project firmly believes that this is best done in a community of like-minded persons—that is why the project itself is a community.

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