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The Disciple-Making Pastor Online Curriculum


New Online course

This online curriculum adds Bill Hull’s engaging teaching, interactive panel discussions led by Bobby Harrington, and reflective questions with ministry projects that have the potential to transform you into a disciple-making pastor. Join Bill, Bobby, and several special guests, all proven disciple-makers, as they lead you through five sessions:

1) The Need: Why should pastors make disciples?
2) The Challenges: What challenges will a disciple-making pastor encounter?
3) The Goal: What is the goal of a disciple-making pastor?
4) The DNA: What is the DNA of a disciple-making pastor?
5) The Strategy: What is the strategy of a disciple-making pastor?

How profound is this: Jesus made disciples. Pastors should be making disciples but they’re not. Most don’t know how.

Many pastors have never grasped why. For Jesus, making disciples was his passion; it was also his plan for rescuing people and restoring his creation. Over 30 years ago, Bill Hull wrote the best selling book on how pastors should follow Jesus entitled, The Disciple Making Pastor.

Just recently, Bill joined with a group of church leaders to create a fresh and contemporary recording of the disciple-making pastor. If you are a pastor or you care about how pastors can follow Jesus and make disciples, please join us for the Disciple Making Pastor Seminar.