The Six Gospels We Preach Today


by Bill Hull

So what gospel is preached today? Well, actually several different gospels. Remember, the kind of gospel we believe and teach directly determines the kind of disciples produced. If we are not preaching the biblical gospel, we are preaching what Paul would call a different gospel. A different gospel leads to a different Christ, a different church, a different Christian, and a different culture.

I believe that six gospels are prominently taught today, and each creates a different kind of disciple.

For example if you preach a consumer gospel that is focused on the religious goods and services available through Christ, you will create a consumer disciple. This kind of disciple is nearly useless to Christ and his work. Or if you teach a right gospel that is legalistically focused on measured performance, you will create a legalistic disciple.



Most churches intend to produce mature, reproducing disciples, but this is generally not happening in reality. The answer is clear. We are attempting the impossible. We cannot create mature disciples from Christians who believe in a consumer gospel or a legalistic gospel—or any other gospel on the chart except the kingdom gospel. Trying to do so is like pushing a boulder uphill, because we are trying to get people to act in Christlike ways without correcting what they truly believe.

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This excerpt has been adapted from Conversion and Discipleship.

Image credit: Shutterstock.