Join Co-Founders Bill Hull and Brandon Cook as they kick off a week of Discipleship in Nashville, TN. They will hosting a two-day symposium on the state of Discipleship at home and abroad as a pre-cursor to the National Disciple Making Forum.

To Register for 4 days of Disciple Making training and education follow the link and use promo code: Bonhoeffer

To Register ONLY for the Bonhoeffer Project's pre-cursor to the Disciple Making Forum please fill out the form below.

 On the afternoon of Wednesday, November 8th, 2017 our special guest, theologian Dr. Matthew Bates, will be speaking twice on his recent book, Salvation by Allegiance Alone. Dr. Bates has done the church a great favor in providing it with a very fine book that bolsters the Bonhoeffer Project's thesis, "All who are called to salvation, are called to discipleship, no exceptions and no excuses." It provides a solid background and foundation for what Bill has already written in his award winning work, Conversion & Discipleship, You Can't Have One Without The Other